Hydrogen. The solution to decarbonise the glass industry

The manufacture of glass is energy intensive, above all in the glass melting stage, which amounts for more than 50% of total energy consumption the production process. The big problem is the amount of emissions.

Hydrogen can be the solution for optimized this process in terms of energy and emissions.

A working group of Italian companies are collaborating to reduce emissions through hydrogen

Marco Alverà, CEO de Snam, one of the company ahead of the project, said, “Hydrogen will play a key role in decarbonising energy-intensive sectors such as glass production in order to meet domestic and European climate targets. This project complements what we are already doing in the steel, rail transport and ceramics sectors. Snam will be able to draw on its infrastructure and expertise to facilitate the introduction of hydrogen in industry, bringing benefits in terms of economic growth.”

Source: https://www.glassonline.com/hydrogen-italian-project-launched-to-decarbonise-the-glass-industry/

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