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About us

Our vision

We want to be a renowned leader in high-precision device innovation and development, maintain a prestigious reputation in superabrasives and develop a growing global presence.

Our mission

Successfully fulfilling our vision requires us to strengthen our commitment to partnering with technology centres and related entities to become pioneers in smart tooling development. It also requires us to embrace continuing professional development and improvement, acquiring greater automation and process streamlining capacity and raising our profile on the global market.

Our values

Integrity in our business and personal relationships.
Ambition to achieve viable long-term goals.
Earned trust of our clients through hard work and honesty.
Commitment to meeting our targets and growing.
Transparent communication internally and externally.
Agility in our processes and response times.

Our history

Our team

We are passionate about what we do: offering our customers technologies and devices tailored to their needs to help them perfect their ideas.


General Management, Quality
and R&D Dept

David Pozo

Sales and Marketing

Alberto Oliva

Sales Dept

 Soledad, Santiago, Andoni

Engineering and IT Office

José Luis, Jose María

Admin And Purchasing

José, Luis

Production Dept

Miguel, Fernando, José

Sintering Factory

Juan, José Luis, Javier, Ángel, Cristina

Sintering Factory

Jose Cirilo, Fernando, Roberto, José Antonio, Alberto

Sintering Factory

José Antonio, José Francisco, Javier

Sintering Factory

Alberto, Dolores

Electrolysis Factory
Preparation and Finishing

Jaime, Alejandro

Electrolysis Factory
Diamond Dressing

Alfonso, Ángel