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Boston Dynamics has competition: here’s the Agility robot designed to do human jobs.

The brand itself, Agility says that its robot is designed to perform logistical tasks above all, and that it is as easy as just turn it on so that the robot adapts to the production method of each company. It is a robot that has been designed to work in human environments, nothing needs to be modified, it will adapt itself to any logistical process, which also translates into money savings.

The firm emphasizes the multipurpose capabilities of the device. They point out that it can do a variety of tasks and adapt to different workflows. They even claim that the system is dynamic, allowing it to switch quickly between different tasks and can be programmed to work in shifts. In terms of appearance and functionality, this new automaton is 175 cm tall, weighs 65 kg and can carry up to 16 kg (Tesla’s Optimus is 1.73 cm tall and weighs 57 kg). The Digit, can run without a break between 16 and 24 hours Once its autonomy is reaching a limit level, it takes care of going to a charging station itself. It can walk forwards, backwards, sideways and even turn in place. It can also walk crouched and on uneven terrain, and this gives it the advantage of being able to move boxes or packages from one place to another and to go on a moving truck and unload items when it reaches the destination.
From Agility Robotics they say they expect to deliver their first robots early next year and announce general availability from 2025.

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