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Zoller Smile Pilot 4.0 profile measuring machine

Pomdi incorporates a profile measuring machine into its manufacturing process, specifically the Zoller Smile Pilot 4.0 model.

We work for different sectors, and tools with the tightest tolerances are increasingly demanded of us. With this equipment, we want to be able to control the profiles with total precision, while meeting the demands of our customers.

Within the stone sector, we have incorporated a module that will allow us to send the client a file of dimensions that can be sent to their CNC so that the machine itself automatically positions the tool in the presetting, and with the real measurements of the tools, and thus avoid making the adjustment manually and subjectively, based on the measurement by the eye of the operator, sometimes a complicated task.

The main advantage that the countertop manufacturing workshop will obtain with the information that we will provide will be a significant saving in time in setting up the tools, as well as providing precision in said adjustment, which will mean that the tools have the minimum possible wear and thus increase its life cycle and performance.

Wind industry.

We manufacture diamond tools that guarantee optimum performance in the wind industry, providing precise and efficient cuts in the machining of wind turbine blades.

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