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”The role of artificial intelligence in the fight against climate change.”

A new study highlights the increasingly important role of technology in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Advances in artificial intelligence are being harnessed to analyze large amounts of environmental data and assist in strategic decision making.

Artificial intelligence is being used to develop more accurate climate models, allowing for a better understanding of weather patterns and more accurate prediction of extreme events such as storms and droughts. In addition, AI-based monitoring systems are being implemented to detect and combat deforestation, biodiversity loss and pollution.

Thanks to AI’s unique ability to collect, populate and interpret large and complex data sets on emissions, climate impact, etc., this technology can be used to help all stakeholders take a more informed, data-driven approach to reducing carbon emissions and building a greener society, while also being used to help realign global climate efforts towards the regions most at risk.

However, despite the benefits, concerns are also raised. There is a need to ensure transparency and ethics in the use of artificial intelligence to avoid bias and discrimination. In addition, energy consumption and emissions associated with the growing demand for technology infrastructure must be addressed.

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