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“Tesla announces new full autonomous driving software for its vehicles.”

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, has made a major announcement in the field of autonomous driving technology. The company recently unveiled its latest full autonomous driving software, known as FSD (Full Self-Driving). This new software aims to enable Tesla vehicles to be able to operate fully autonomously, without human intervention.

FSD software uses a combination of cameras, sensors and powerful computer systems to interpret and respond to the driving environment. This update is expected to significantly improve the ability of Tesla vehicles to perform tasks such as changing lanes, cornering, passing other vehicles and parking autonomously.

Although the FSD software is still in a gradual rollout phase and Tesla emphasizes that drivers should remain alert and keep their hands on the wheel as a safety precaution, it is considered an important step towards full autonomous driving.

This news shows how technology continues to advance in the automotive sector, with companies such as Tesla leading the way in the development of autonomous vehicles. It is expected that the deployment of full autonomous driving systems

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