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Stone and Ceramics

Our technology is specially designed to machine and polish natural stone, engineered stone (quartz) and latest-generation ceramics and porcelain stoneware.

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Natural and engineered stone

We specialize in providing solutions for CNC machines used to polish the edges of kitchen and bathroom worktops.

Our EXC technology, so named for its excellence, polishes the edge of engineered quartz in just four steps, while by adding a resin step we’re able to polish granite. This procedure improves our clients' productivity and cuts their costs. We also manufacture tools used to drill holes for taps and other accessories, finger routers for polishing part interiors, and milling tools for cutting grooves on drainers.

For marble, we design and manufacture electrocoated tools in a range of grain sizes for a flawless finish.

Tell us what you need and we'll help you design and manufacture the perfect tool to make your idea a reality in any material.

Applications for our natural and engineered stone tools: drilling, cutting, milling, grooving and edge polishing.

Ceramics and porcelain stoneware

We make tools and devices for machining ceramics, porcelain stoneware, laminates and compact high-hardness and high-strength materials.

Our VIT tool set for polishing porcelain stoneware worktops comprises four metal disc steps and two resin-based polishing steps.. We also make finger routers used to cut drainers on sinks and glass-ceramic hobs.

Our ceramics and porcelain stoneware drill is one of our highest-rated products. Made of thin-walled stainless steel (just 0.8 mm thick), it produces a very clean cut to deliver an outstanding finish.

For cutting, we manufacture continuous-rim discs of any diameter.

We also design and manufacture tools for engineered ceramics.

Applications for our ceramics and porcelain stoneware tools: drilling, cutting, milling and edge polishing.

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