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Protect people from solar radiation

A group of UN agencies and organizations launched Tuesday a new application for phones and mobile devices that will help people know the level of ultraviolet radiation anywhere in the world and protect themselves from the sun’s rays according to their intensity.

This new digital tool, called SunSmart Global UV, informs about the time slots in which it is necessary to protect oneself from the sun, based on a numerical scale that goes from one (or low exposure) to eleven (extreme risk) and measures the intensity of the so-called Ultraviolet Index. The application recommends adjusting outdoor activities and using sun protection when the Index is equal to or higher than three.

One of the main factors contributing to these cancers is the excess of ultraviolet radiation derived from the deterioration of the ozone layer located in the Earth’s stratosphere. This depletion is due to the emission of certain man-made chemicals released into the atmosphere.

The launch of the application coincides with the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere and aims to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting oneself from the sun’s rays and help reduce the incidence of skin cancer.

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