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Problems with the transport of goods

Christmas dates are close, and the fear that the current global problem that exists with the maritime transport of goods, has caused that many retailers are chartering their own ships to secure supplies.

The companies rent only the space they need for the goods they are moving, sharing the cost of the freight with the rest of the companies that are using it. When a business ships with a carrier or other intermediary, the price of renting a container from origin to final destination can be as high as $ 10,000 each.

However, the bottleneck situation, which the COVID pandemic has caused worldwide, is unsustainable for many companies, who see their supplies arrive several months late.

Given this, large retailers have found a solution by renting these container ships for exclusive use. Short-term solution that raises the price of transport, but ensures that delivery times are not so delayed.

On the other hand, you have a great risk in this type of investment, Michael Zimmerman, partner of the global consulting firm Kearney, said that: “Yes, right now there is savings and efficiency, but the company is renting the boat for two or three years. That important commitment will have to be fulfilled or sublet later at a loss if the container market turns around and collapses. “

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