Pomdi turns 50

We are on Anniversary.
We celebrate 50 years full of enthusiasm, wanting to celebrate another 50 more.
Are we considered an old company for being 50??
I don’t think so…just the opposite.

The sons of those who were the founders of Pomdi, D. Antonio Pozo and D. José Oliva, lead the company.
Therefore, it is the 2nd generation with David Pozo and Alberto Oliva at the helm, who with enthusiasm and desire, will try to face new challenges and new objectives, which will allow us to achieve new goals.

That said, being older doesn’t mean being old. It means being wise, knowing how to take decisions to go in the right direction in search of excellence. And that is why we are committed to innovation and digitization.
And being older means that we have had time to create a family, a human team of more than 30 people, who help us achieve the objectives set.
We celebrate all of this on our 50th Anniversary.

If you want to join us, follow us on our Social Network to keep up to date with the latest news.

Thank you for helping us celebrate our 50th birthday.

you can watch our corporate video here: https://lnkd.in/d8rECxsU

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