We manufacture diamond tools used to machine ophthalmic lenses.

Ophthalmic lenses

The first process is to machine the ophthalmic lens, the curve of which can be spherical, aspherical or toric. Our tools are employed in curve-generating machines used to work mineral or organic lenses.

Pellets or pads can also be used to polish the lenses.

The next process is to bevel the lens in either manual or automatic machines. The bevel can also be polished if the machine is set up for it. Bevelled lenses are either mineral or organic (CR39, polycarbonate or Trivex®).

We also manufacture grooving discs used to create the mounting for the nylon or steel wire that holds the lens in the frames. Groove thicknesses can vary between 0.5 mm and 1.2 mm.

Applications for our optics tools: curve generation, polishing, bevelling and grooving.