Friction Materials

The friction materials used in vehicle braking systems are highly abrasive. Therefore, the best way to machine this type of materials is with diamond tools.

The solutions we offer for this sector are aimed at grinding, finishing, bevelling or chamfering, grooving and cutting processes.

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The main parts machined are as follows:

Brake pads: The friction material employed on the brake calipers in disc braking systems.

Brake shoes: These provide the friction in drum braking systems.

At Pomdi, we haven’t only created machining solutions for friction materials used in commercial vehicles, we’ve also developed innovative solutions for industrial vehicles, the rail sector, etc.

Our tools' biggest competitive advantage is that they let you replace and reuse the worn parts without having to discard the costly precision-machined steel shanks.

Applications for our tools in this sector: grinding/calibrating, grooving, finishing, bevelling/chamfering and milling.