High-flying machining

Because we are passionate about heights, we actively contribute to the manufacture of elements for the aeronautical sector, such as commercial aircraft, helicopters or defense. #weareallpomdi #safety #zerotolerance

Ophthalmic lens grinding

We are truly obsessed with polishing materials using diamond, and that is why we are also present in the optics sector.Pomdi manufactures grinding wheels for generating curves and beveling or grinding ophthalmic lenses.Because we want you to see everything that happens around you with perfect clarity. #weareallpomdi #polish #requirement

3NEO, our patent

Sure you already know what 3NEO is, but if you want all the information, we invite you to visit our website at pomdi.com 3NEO was born from the concern and need of our clients, and from our obligation in the search for solutions. Today, it is our main product. #weareallpomdi #innovation #transformation

“Pomdi” at your table

Believe it or not, it is very probable that you have a knife at home, grinded or sharpened with Pomdi tools. Because we provide high precision tools to knife manufacturers of the most prestigious brands. #weareallpomdi #innovation #quality

Quartz Countertop, the perfect polishing (stone sector)

If you have a quartz kitchen countertop and you see a perfect edge, I can’t guarantee it was done with Pomdi tools, but almost certainly.We are the only company in the world with an innovative technology for edge polishing, being able to shine with only 4 metal steps, without using abrasive or resin.The best quality, […]

Braking systems (friction sector)

Brakes are one of the most important safety systems in vehicles.Diamond tools help to machine (grind, groove, chamfer) the brake pads, to achieve perfect braking.At Pomdi we pride ourselves on helping make your trips safe. #weareallpomdi #innovation #safety

We are innovation (flat glass sector)

Our patents and innovations for flta glass sector are uniques: – 3NEO – INOX – Resin rings COOLIX Max-Cooling – Peripheral wheels Max-Cooling – Reinforced peripheral wheels for laminated glass Find out more at: https://pomdi.com #weareinnovation #wearetechnology #weareallpomdi

Have you ever wondered why knives are so sharp?

And how will they make the teeth or micro-teeth of serrated knives?Well, in both operations, we are very involved in.We manufacture CBN tools for sharpening the blade of the knife, which ismade of tempered steel, and the micro-teeth grinding that profile with a highprecisiondiamond rotary dresser with high tolerances.We take care of the design and […]