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Apple is expected to unveil new virtual reality technology.

Apple is set to unveil a highly anticipated headset that will combine the virtual and real worlds, challenging other technology manufacturers in capturing the public’s imagination. The announcement will be made at Apple’s annual developer conference, which will also showcase the latest Mac computer, preview the next iPhone operating system and discuss the company’s artificial […]

”The role of artificial intelligence in the fight against climate change.”

A new study highlights the increasingly important role of technology in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Advances in artificial intelligence are being harnessed to analyze large amounts of environmental data and assist in strategic decision making. Artificial intelligence is being used to develop more accurate climate models, allowing for a better understanding of weather patterns […]

Protect people from solar radiation

A group of UN agencies and organizations launched Tuesday a new application for phones and mobile devices that will help people know the level of ultraviolet radiation anywhere in the world and protect themselves from the sun’s rays according to their intensity. This new digital tool, called SunSmart Global UV, informs about the time slots […]

Asturias (Spain), chosen to host the world’s largest green hydrogen hub

Spain, France and Germany are leading an initiative to obtain 6.6 million tons of green hydrogen in two decades, in addition to reducing current CO2 emissions by 4% and contributing the equivalent of 5% of natural gas imported by Spain. All this through HyDeal Spain, an ambitious project promoted by ArcelorMittal, Enagás, Grupo Fertiberia and […]

Can plastic replace steel?

A new plastic twice stronger than steel bursts onto the market, 2DPA-1, developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is also recycled, easy to produce, and sustainable. Among its utilities, the construction of large structures, such as bridges, houses, etc…, or even cars, could be highlighted. How is the 2DPA-1? 2DPA-1 is made up […]

The Metaverse, or the Universe of brands. Tools Marketplace?

It seems that a virtual world is being created parallel to the physical world that we know. A world in which buying and selling, among others, will be part of our day to day. A world in which speculation with virtual money will be a reality. The brands that you and I know are already […]

Wind energy, the main source of electricity generation in Spain

For the first time in many years, wind energy is the main source of electrical energy in our country, and the installed power of wind turbines is expected to double by 2030. Behind it are photovoltaic solar energy (also growing) and nuclear energy, in clear decline. In this way, wind energy and photovoltaic solar energy […]

Problems with the transport of goods

Christmas dates are close, and the fear that the current global problem that exists with the maritime transport of goods, has caused that many retailers are chartering their own ships to secure supplies. The companies rent only the space they need for the goods they are moving, sharing the cost of the freight with the […]

Diamond “plantation” in Extremadura

The American company Diamond Foundry will invest 670 million to build a diamond manufacturing plant in the Extremadura town of Trujillo, and thus take advantage of the 3,000 hours of sunshine it offers per year. There are two methods to obtain diamonds: 1- High Pressure, High Temperature: starting from carbon or a diamond seed in […]