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Our INOX series offers you quality drills and countersinks without micro-cracks. If you are looking for the perfection of the best hole in glass, try our self-sharpening, maintenance-free, laser-welded drills for the perfect finish before and after tempering. #business#diamante#empresas


¨From Pomdi to the sky¨, in Pomdi we manufacture the tools that give that perfect and clear shape to the glasses, so you can see through them with total clarity. #empresas #fabrica #diamante #diamantes #herramientas #vidrio

Hydrogen. The solution to decarbonise the glass industry

The manufacture of glass is energy intensive, above all in the glass melting stage, which amounts for more than 50% of total energy consumption the production process. The big problem is the amount of emissions. Hydrogen can be the solution for optimized this process in terms of energy and emissions. A working group of Italian […]

Lack of glass’s raw materials also affects COVID-19 vaccination

“We never thought we would run out of sand, but it is starting in some places,” said Pascal Peduzzi, climate scientist with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), during a webinar organized by Chatham House. As Peduzzi says, no one thought there would be a lack of this raw material that we believe is found […]