The importance of the F1 brake ventilation

In the Bahrain GP, Fernando Alonso had to withdraw in the 33 laps, but… Why had he to stop? A sandwich wrapper was to blame when it got stuck the ventilation system of the rear brake.  It caused an overheating that damaged the brake system. The pit crew realized about this overheating and they opted […]

Microchip shortage in the automotive sector

Automobile manufacturers raise regulatory dossiers due to production stoppages. Global automobile manufacturing is slowing down due to high demand for semiconductors, and a severe shortage of them. These microchips are essential for the electronics of any car, and the lack of these components means that many automobile manufacturing companies have to reduce their production, which […]

Changes in trade fairs with COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced trade fairs, a traditional B2B tool, to change. These in-person events provided businesses with plenty of opportunities for networking. Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve been cancelled and have had to reinvent themselves. In our digital era, it’s unsurprising that trade fairs have moved to the digital realm to survive. Online […]