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Can plastic replace steel?

A new plastic twice stronger than steel bursts onto the market, 2DPA-1, developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which is also recycled, easy to produce, and sustainable.

Among its utilities, the construction of large structures, such as bridges, houses, etc…, or even cars, could be highlighted.

How is the 2DPA-1?

2DPA-1 is made up of hydrogen-bonded molecules, which is the strongest molecular bond that exists, forming two-dimensional sheets. As there is no space between its monomers, there are no weak points where the material can break, making its hardness or resistance to breakage one of its main characteristics.

In fact, 2DPA-1 has been found to be twice as hard as steel, while being one-sixth the volume. In addition, its elastic modulus, which determines the force needed to deform the material, is about five times higher than bulletproof glass.

In addition, as it does not have holes in its structure that prevent the circulation of gases, it would be a perfect complement to protect against oxidation and decomposition.

Compared to graphene, which is also a two-dimensional material, it is easier to produce and is a cheaper alternative for immediate implantation.

For all this, it is possible that we find ourselves before a sustainable, recyclable material, and a great alternative to other materials that we use in our daily lives, which are more polluting or have high production costs.


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