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Asturias (Spain), chosen to host the world’s largest green hydrogen hub

Spain, France and Germany are leading an initiative to obtain 6.6 million tons of green hydrogen in two decades, in addition to reducing current CO2 emissions by 4% and contributing the equivalent of 5% of natural gas imported by Spain. All this through HyDeal Spain, an ambitious project promoted by ArcelorMittal, Enagás, Grupo Fertiberia and DH2 Energy. Four of the 30 companies that have come together in a joint venture to develop green hydrogen, facilitate its transport and use it for the industrial sector.

The objective is clear: the decarbonisation of the productive fabric.

The project aims to start in 2025, and will reach a production of 200,000 tons/year in 2026 and increase up to 65% in 2030.

HyDeal Spain will supply renewable hydrogen for the production of green steel, green ammonia, green fertilizers and other low-carbon industrial products.

Green hydrogen is a complete product, capable of competing with coal, oil and natural gas both in cost and volume. It is the perfect large-scale weapon against the climate crisis and skyrocketing energy prices, explains Thierry Lepercq, President of HyDeal Ambition.

The objective of this mega project is to offer green hydrogen at €1.50/kg before 2030. That is, a price equivalent to the current one with fossil fuels.

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