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Apple is expected to unveil new virtual reality technology.

Apple is set to unveil a highly anticipated headset that will combine the virtual and real worlds, challenging other technology manufacturers in capturing the public’s imagination. The announcement will be made at Apple’s annual developer conference, which will also showcase the latest Mac computer, preview the next iPhone operating system and discuss the company’s artificial intelligence strategy. Leaks suggest that the stars of the event will be glasses possibly called “Reality Pro,” which could be another milestone in Apple’s tradition of launching revolutionary technology. While Apple has not always been the first to explore certain devices, its approach and design is expected to captivate the public.
Apple’s glasses are expected to have a sleek design and the ability to switch between virtual and augmented experiences, referred to as “mixed reality” or XR.
Anticipation that Apple’s glasses will sell for several thousand dollars has already dampened expectations for the product. While he expects Apple’s glasses to feature amazing technology, Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said he expects the company to sell only 150,000 units during the device’s first year on the market, a mere speck in the company’s portfolio. By comparison, Apple sells more than 200 million iPhones, its flagship product per year. But the iPhone was not an immediate sensation, with sales of less than 12 million units in its first full year on the market.

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