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Air pollution in cities, a worldwide problem.

A study published in The Lancet Planetary Health states that only 0.18% of the Earth’s surface worldwide does not breathe polluted air. The World Health Organization estimates that these levels of air pollution to which they are exposed are safe.

Air pollution, also known as atmospheric pollution, consists of the presence of toxic substances in the air that alter its quality, seriously affecting the environment and all the living beings that inhabit it. It affects almost 100% of the world’s population. Humans are the main cause of polluted air, which is related to fossil fuels.

It is known as the “invisible killer” because it directly attacks our brain, heart and lungs without us even realizing it. Its poisonous particles, practically the size of a molecule, inflame our lungs, overcoming the protective barriers they contain in our bodies, causing millions of premature deaths worldwide every year.

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